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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Blatant Criminal Conduct

Why do cult members frequently express willingness to engage in criminal conduct on behalf of Sharon? Does Sharon, by her example, instill anti-social behavior? Who would want to be like Sharon? Admire her? What qualities? Want her life? Think she "does the work?"

One man, lets call him Graves K, once told me he would gladly go to jail for Sharon (in connection with the fraudulent Hudson Valley Artists Foundation).

Another man, lets call him Steve Burzi, told me he would gladly murder for Sharon.

Sharon bragged (in a group meeting) that she gave perjured testimony. She also claimed that Fred lied to the authorities when they were investigated in San Francisco. She suggested that this was acceptable in order to "protect the Work."She encouraged others to do the same.

One reason among many to escape this cult is to limit your risk of being locked up into the paddy wagon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gans is a Thief

She will steal your self-esteem and life.  But she really likes to steal your MONEY. She is in it for the money, only.
Why does this spiritual woman: live like a Saudi Prince in the Plaza Hotel?; demand so much in tuition; demand that everyone pay all of her living expenses; go out of her way to avoid paying taxes; do everything in secret?

This is the Money Diagram I previously posted which is downloaded frequently by people and entities. This is a woman who likes the money. Its the money. Show me the cash.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Apophenia and Patternicity and the Gans Cult

These terms have essentially the same meaning.

Patternicity is the "tendency to find meaningful patterns in meaningless noise." Apophenia is the "'unmotivated seeing of connections" accompanied by a "specific experience of an abnormal meaningfulness.'" Apophenia has come to imply a universal human tendency to seek patterns in random information."

Its a critical tool to be able to connect the dots of seemingly unconnected facts. Walking into a building. Smelling smoke. Seeing people running out. The sound of an alarm. Firemen running into the building.  Conclusion: there is a fire. Good conclusion which saved your life. "Nature ensures that we are prone to seeing patterns rather than missing them."

But this inherently natural and useful tendency has a dark side. Take for instance the gambler's fallacy which involves a mis-interpretation of the sequences of behavior.  The odds of head/tail in a coin toss is 50/50. But some folks will mistakingly believe that after say 5 heads in a row, the odds are higher than 50/50 that the next 5 flips will result in tails. Or how about seeing the image of the Virgin Mary or Christ in an orange half. Or believing in conspiracy theories like 9/11 was a government plot. "Such patternicities, then, mean that people believe weird things because of our evolved need to believe nonweird things." In point of fact, victims of psychosis suffer from delusions of reality, finding frightening patterns in unconnected events.  Paranoia victims, like Sharon, also see connections in random noise. 

Sharon and her cult use Apophenia as a weapon of control. You got a new job. Thank the work because the work was responsible. You lost your job. Its your fault because if you had been working on yourself, it wouldnt have happened. Your life got better when you came to the work. If you leave the work, your life will fall apart. 

I wanted to share this with you because its about coming to grips with reality. And reality is really good for you. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A House With A Foundation of Bullshit Cannot Stand

The cult has its own language. Invented by the charlatan Gigi and further distorted by Gans, Klein, Horn and others.  Here are some choice catch phrases and their actual meanings. They are all designed to subjugate folks. I welcome your contributions.

Actual Meaning
Having a mind of one’s own and not particularly susceptible to being told what to do
Self-esteem and dignity
Negative Emotions
State of being depressed by all of the demands, stress, and abuse doled out by Sharon
External Consideration
Kissing Sharon’s fat ass
Internal Consideration
Not kissing Sharon’s fat ass
Man Number 1,2,3
A cult member
Man Number 8
Shut your fucking trap
Unnecessary Talking
Engaging in a frank discussion with other members about whether it’s a cult
Conscious Love
Getting set up by Sharon in an arranged marriage
Third Line of Work
Anything that makes Sharon richer, more pampered and pleases her many insatiable appetites.
All and Everything
The worst piece of shit trash ever written; has anyone ever read it? Come on.
Self Observation
A time to judge; when read aloud in the group it’s a confessional

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Dark Side

During my cult years, Sharon often spread the falsehood that escapees (the vast majority of people the quit the cult), were all organized. "Former students" left and met in a sort of devil worship cult, had meetings, drank blood, were sadists, stuck pins in a voodoo doll of Sharon, and literally (literally) had a death plot against her (see persecution complex).  

Thus, I want to formally invite all current members of "school" to come and join the Dark Side. You can have a month's experiment where you can check it out (free of charge). We meet 2 nights a week from 7 pm until around midnight, usually longer when our Leaders are talked out. We sit on rickety metal lawn chairs on rickety wooden platforms while the leaders sit in front of the room in cushy lounges and arewaited on hand on foot with drinks and delicacies. You can have water, cold coffee, stale Doritos, and saltines. We will treat you really nice for about a year (dues are $350/month). (Don't be late, or we will publicly dun you.) After the year, we will start to make demands on you, including to start recruiting other people. Oh, make no mention of the group to anyone. We will help you alienate your family and friends. Sound like fun? We will make you believe that all of this is really good for you.

(NB: If you ever leave, you will find sympathetic former victims who can lend an ear if you want. If you don't want, don't worry. Nobody is gonna contact you, preach to you, or tell you what to do. I really didn't want to speak to anyone for quite a while. But I have reached out to some folks who I socialize with on a fairly regular basis. Sometimes we talk about the cult. But most of the time we enjoy each other, without judgment, without fear, but with respect, admiration, love, and kindness. We also go out to have fun.)

BTW, if you want to see Queen Esther's take on this, please visit her

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Most Downloaded Image

Here is single most downloaded image on this blog. Its called the Diagram of Everything Sharon or The Diagram Sharon Won't Show You. Its about the money and goods and gifts and services which are believed to be given to her on a regular basis. Whether she reports this income is a lingering question for many, given the fixation on cash payments, unwillingness to put any property in her name, and interviews with former members. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

They Love the Dough: The 4 Questions For $haron and Robert Klein

1. Why don't you accept checks for monthly dues/tuition from everyone but instead insist on cash payments?

2. Some people who receive cash, don't report it to the government on their income tax returns. Do you report all your cash as income on your federal and state tax returns?

3. We estimate Sharon pulls-in around $1,000,000 annually from us. What does she do with all that cash and why does she need so much? Does it have anything to do with consciousness? 

4. Why do so many of the leaders of the cult buy homes and property for Sharon and how come none of these properties are in her own name? There are homes in Mexico, NYC, the Hamptons and (at one time) Montana and Westchester County, NY.

At the next Sedar, these can be read by Tuchas, Zelda, Zingleberry, and any other wannabes.