The Sharon Gans Cult was founded in San Francisco in the 70’s by the late Alex Horn and his wife Sharon Gans. For decades it has been secretly operating in New York City and Boston. It is known by several different names which are listed in a side-column blurb (“Ganscult Aliases”). Gans and her second, Robert Klein, are dangerous con-artists who claim to be "spiritual teachers." This cult is alleged to have been involved in rape, child abuse, physical and emotional abuse, arranged marriages and adoptions, slave labor, bilking of members' money and life savings.

This blog provides information for current members and others. It also provides a forum through comments and submissions. The posts are organized in reverse chronological order and can be easily located through the table of contents on the side-column as well as searched through the search tool in the side-column. Some selected foundational posts which give some background on the cult are highlighted in the side-column blurb called “Foundational Posts.” Recent favorites posts are shown in “Poopular Posts.”

Hopefully this blog, as well as the others which are listed in the side-column blurb (“Fellow Survivors”), provide current victims, as well as their friends and family, vital information to help them escape this dangerous cult. I am also hoping to one day condense these posts into a book or other publication. My name is Spencer, I am a survivor, and I can be reached directly by email.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Its My Birthday

Four years ago today, I decided I didn't want to go to "class" because it was my birthday. A woman I was seeing, Kimberly, wanted to get together. At this point in my cult life, I was very very disenchanted. I was depressed, bored, frightened, anxious. A night out sounded good. I called "in" to the "late number" explaining my absence. 

That night Leslie Okladek called me with a message from Sharon that I was not allowed to "miss class" and that "maybe it was time for me to leave school." I was horrified and also felt released.  When I called Leslie back to discuss it, I told her I would think it over and get back to her in a couple of weeks. But she told me Sharon wanted me to "be a man" and come into "class" and discuss it in front of my "friends." I corrected Leslie that I am a man and that I would relay my decision on my terms. In about 3 days from this call I realized that in fact, I had been in a cult. I never went. Happy Birthday to me. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sex, Sharon, and Videotape

Here is the video surveillance footage taken of Sharon Gans entering the cult space on W 38th Street in May 2015. I suspect and hope that with all this publicity they will be moving to another space. This will only add additional expense and trouble to them. Enjoy the spot at :05 where Sharon Gans pats poor Joe Carini's face. (Nice guy completely duped hook line and sinker; I understand from several people who have seen him is that he acts so spinelessly when he see former victims).

Everything I Learned In My Second Education

What The Fuck Does "School" Do Anyway?

More than 20 years ago, we were required to buy tickets and see the cult's production of "The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde," which was adapted by Graves Kielly. It was always kind of funny leaving the "space" with the group for some event in a theater, on the few occasions it happened. Even though we would be the only ones there, we were instructed to pretend not to know each other and to not interact with any of the cast. 

The production (acting, sets, costumes, masks, etc) was impressive and filled with people I liked. It was all the more impressive because the play pretty much stunk - it was preachy, pretentious, and chock full of kooky "work ideas." I did however save a copy of the program which you can view here. I redacted the names of the cast members no longer in the cult. Of the 35 or so names, only about 6 remain. A testament to fact that the "work is not for everyone."  

The through-line of the Ganscult is that "school" is part of a long line of esoteric schools with connections to everything from Jesus Christ to Shakespeare to Gothic Cathedrals. But what has the Gans "school" accomplished and/or what has it done to help anyone?  Not a thing.  So for instance, the "Our Theater" company never put on anything but the Strange production. Other projects and concepts have come and gone, but nothing worth mentioning has materialized. The only tangible thing the cult has done is to make Sharon Gans very very very wealthy. That's it. And I suppose for Sharon Gans, that is a very wonderful thing, as good as a Shakespeare sonnet. But for all the poor souls who long for some meaningful impact, the best you will get is a vague reference to another lifetime and the long road of "evolution."  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Baby Its Hot Outside

As I have written, the Michael Clarage blog appears to be a recruiting tool for the cult dressed up as serious science site. I suspect that anyone with half a brain would realize that. But I also suspect that there are plenty of souls who find science bashing to be exhilarating and enlightening. Clarage tries to challenge and question well-established scientific facts by using Gansult thinly disguised jargon and its canons. So for a select audience, this could hit the spot. For anyone who is reading it, beware: Clarage is a leader in a dangerous cult.

Clarage is also a climate change denier. Its not that he doesn’t think that the earth is getting warmer, but that its not man’s fault. He tells us that there are “forces so much bigger than us and our smoke stacks.” What those forces are, he does not bother to say. Im going to guess that the forces comes from the “ray of creation” and that the earth will heat up to become a sun, or some other nonsense like this. It doesn’t matter. Because the deliberately vague reference to such “forces” is meant to be a hook to someone to ask about it. One out of 100 people will ask about it. And about 1 out of the 100 of those people who ask will end up being lured into the cult. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy Birthday!

This blog is one year old, yesterday.  The first post can be accessed here. I can't remember what inspired me to start it but it doesnt really matter. I've enjoyed writing. Its therapeutic and provides a benefit to victims, current victims, and their friends and families. I am certain that it has helped people leave. I know that higher ups in the cult read it. And I know that business associates of cult members read it. I suspect Robert reads it but that's just speculation.

Here's a quick and timely story. A few days ago, I emailed Sharon's daughter for an interview to discuss her mother. She responded by email politely declining, but thanking me for tending to Alex Horn when he was dying in 2007. I responded that I had parted ways with her mother and am still "working though a lot of difficult times, pain, and other lasting repercussions of my 20+ years involvement" in the cult.  She responded, yesterday, writing,

"It is my experience and belief that when you leave a spiritual practice of your own accord or asked to leave...it simply means it's not the right fit for your development!

It's never personal, it's a gift to you to find another path that feeds your heart mind and soul!

There are many paths, the true one will reach out and fit quite nicely into your daily or weekly practice.

Wasting time on unrequited relationships or paths is an energy sucker! "

I was kind of stunned. First off, it sounded like it could have come from Sharon's mouth (which perhaps it did). Second, the notion that the cult is a "spiritual practice" is like saying that wolves would make for good pets for children. I decided to respond but I wanted to choose my words carefully because clearly Ilsa is living in her own reality and simply attacking Sharon wouldnt get very far. Also, despite her repulsive patronizing tone, its possible Ilsa (in her own diseased mind) meant well. Here's my reply to her, 

"Oh, you misunderstood. The repercussions were from the years of being involved with a very non-spiritual person acting (brilliantly) like one. I was so miserable all those years and couldn't figure out why. Yes Ilsa, like a bad marriage with a spouse who insists it's all your fault (see the film "Gas Light").  But the good news is that I got out."  

I havent heard back. I doubt this meant anything to her but you never know. Im hoping she shares this with her mother.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Interview With a Vampire

We recently conducted an interview of Sharon Gans at her Plaza condominium on 5th Avenue overlooking Central Park. A comparable apartment located 2 floors above Gans is now on the market for $14,500,000.

Gans Blog: Thank you for taking the time out of your hectic schedule for an interview with us. 

Gans: [giddy] How do you like my apartment? You know I've always wanted to live here.  It's magnificent. My students bought it for me. 

Gans Blog: Its certainly the lap of luxury, which brings me to how you reconcile your life of apparent comfort and luxuries with your admonition that "comfort is the chief obstacle to inner development."

Gans: [wagging her finger] Your problem is that a lower level cannot understand a higher level so it's really no use explaining to you. But for those who have ears to hear, when you've reached my level of consciousness, creature comforts don't matter. It could care less about them and don’t even want them. Trust me. I suffer all day long. I've taken on a dirty job - cleaning the dirty souls of sleeping humanity.  

Gans Blog: By “dirty job,” I take it you mean “teaching.” Yet when you teach, you sit in an EZ chair in full reclining position, people massage your shoulders, you have waiter service during class, you are chauffeured to and from class, you dine on gourmet food before class, drink expensive liquor, and when you enter the classroom, everyone stands and greets you. People basically lick your boots for 3 hours and you can act out in any way you want without anyone questioning your behavior. You receive in excess of $1 million annually from your students. Explain to me how this is a dirty job?  

Gans: [shouting] You are a fucking cunt. A cunt. I could care less about any of that. I don’t want that. I don’t ask for that. My students do it for me because of who I am. What I represent to them. I am their teacher. You have no idea what a teacher does. What hard work it is to repair people and make them fit for their manhood. You have no clue. You are a cunt.

Gans Blog: You speak a lot about negative emotions and transforming them into positive ones. Right there you kind of went into a serious fit because it didn’t seem like you liked the question. Was that an example of transforming negative emotions into positive emotions?

Gans: [shreiking]  FUCK YOU!  Gregg! Throw this fucking cunt out.

At which point Greg Koch grabbed me by the arm and kicked me out of the apartment.